Aug 9 • 30M

Pod At The Park 9: Maggie Wiggin

The only bad game of the Atlanta series happened to be the night of podcast recording, leading Jesse Spector and the Amazin' Avenue writer and A Pod Of Their Own co-host to wander around in Flushing

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There’s actually another Pod At The Park that was recorded before this episode, a night at Yankee Stadium with writer and actor Sarah Sweeney. But since the Mets-Atlanta series over the weekend was a seismic event for the Queens franchise, it feels right to skip ahead and bring you this episode now.

It was 8-0 in the blink of an eye on Friday night, so any plans to really concentrate on a game with Maggie Wiggin went out the window in a hurry. Did we still have a great time at the ballpark? Of course we did. And then the Mets went ahead and, of course, won the rest of the games on the weekend, as well as Monday night against Cincinnati.

So, another episode of PATP is coming your way very soon, but with this one already feeling like it’s from another era of Mets baseball, enjoy this one now, and we’ll get Maggie back out to the park for a better game!