May 24 • 10M

We Can Pod It Out 118: The Inner Light

Time to break out the brooms in the NHL? Well, that would make it curling, but...

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So, we’re not going to have a first-ever double sweep in the NBA conference finals, since the Celtics hit a whole mess of three-pointers in Miami to extend that series to a fifth game… but now both NHL conference finals are at 3-0.

The double sweep there… has happened before! In 1992, Chicago swept Edmonton in the Campbell Conference finals, Pittsburgh swept Boston in the Wales Conference Finals, and then the Penguins swept their way to a second straight Stanley Cup, their quest for a threepeat denied the following year by David Volek. And, hey, happy anniversary to the Islanders on the first of their four straight Cups, something the Penguins did not do, again, because of David Volek.