Aug 12 • 44M

Willets Pod 13: Everything's Jake

Addy, Chrystal, and Jesse celebrate the return of the best pitcher on the planet to the Mets' rotation, and the joy of having Timmy Trumpet in your head at all times to hype you up

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Jesse here… the “show notes” (I need to take better show notes) kind of became a personal news/site update kind of thing at the end of my first week at a new job and the dawn of a new era for Willets Pen.

First, we lost Allison right before we sat down to record, because of thunderstorms wreaking havoc with her internet access. Then, we did half a show where it turned out you couldn’t actually hear Chrystal, even though we were hearing her fine during the recording. We kept that half of the show because I thought it was still listenable and enjoyable — and that’s saying something when it comes to listening to something that includes my own voice. Even the technical gremlins can’t subdue the joy right now.

I’ve also had a joyous week, starting work at a new job. It certainly feels meant to be when the first thing I actually did to help improve the MTA website was add a live service status widget to the Citi Field information page.

Am I also pushing for special service to Jacob deGrom starts?

Not quite, but it has been a busy week, and I feel a little guilty about not getting more content up here — it’s not for lack of contributions, as the Willets Pen crew has been doing fantastic stuff, like Addy’s piece yesterday on the SNY broadcast’s dream season.

The thing is, we want Willets Pen to be the best it can, and to me that means not rushing through editing, even when I know I’m barely going to be changing anything. I want the pieces that I edit to have my full attention, so that it’s not just making sure it’s good, but looking for ways to help make it even better.

That’s a somewhat different approach than how things are for Willets Pod and its associated shows… which I think is a good thing. Our podcasts and our writing, generally, are serving different purposes. That’s not to say every podcast here will be silly, or that every bit of writing will… oh, you get the point — and that’s why I also want to take this moment to thank you for support throughout our early days and appreciate that we have an audience that gets it.

It’s been a podcast-heavy week because I haven’t been mentally checked in enough to edit well. Soon, you’ll see that backlog of writing get published, especially since Chrystal and Steph have their own editing shoes (but also day jobs), and we’ll keep experimenting and having fun and all the other stuff we’re here to do.

Now that I also have a day job, and now that I’m truly no longer a journalist, this project does become different for me, but in a way that I think will be healthy both for me and Willets Pen something that I’m making time for, rather than spending time on. And I hope that you’ll continue to make time for us as we continue to experiment, grow, and have fun!