Sep 16 • 42M

Willets Pod 18: Dollars 4 Dingers

The 2022 fundraiser for the National Domestic Violence Hotline is Saturday afternoon in Flushing, and Linda's on the show to promote it after a lot of other nonsense

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Linda’s back! Also, Addy, Janice, and Jesse are here. And the Dollars 4 Dingers fundraiser is here tomorrow! What’s Dollars 4 Dingers?

Obviously, we’re glad to help any way we can, and here’s the flyer for tomorrow’s event out in Flushing!

Obviously, there’s 40 whole minutes here and we didn’t just talk about Saturday afternoon. But that’s the only actually important thing here.

(Also, this episode references the next Pod At The Park episode, with Danielle Sepulveres, from Bark At The Park night. We have a wee bit of a podcast backlog at the moment, owing to this having been a week where we had a lot of time to record stuff early, but have gotten slammed by real life late.)