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Wrath Month

Mark Canha saves the day

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We had a lot to talk about in this episode that we recorded last night, a lot of negative feelings to get through about Baseball, because as much as we love the game, the institution… well, as Britt says, a big part of our podcast, in general, is about loving something that maybe doesn’t love you back. It’s been a pretty lousy week on that front.

And then Mark Canha, on the first day of Pride Month, goes out and hits a home run and wears the Willets Pen LFGM Pride shirt during his postgame interview…

It matters. We saw it in hockey this season that there were players who wriggled out of wearing so much as a team-issued warmup jersey for Pride Nights, hiding behind claims about religion that do not withstand any kind of real scrutiny. Could Brooks Raley get away with the stuff he pulled in Tampa, now that he’s in New York? The Rangers sure did over the winter. Clayton Kershaw did in Los Angeles (as we discuss on this episode, sigh). Canha putting on a shirt that some weird niche website sent to Flushing? It really does matter.