Sep 21 • 53M

Not A Football Podcast 3: Iowa After Dark

We're all in Big Ten Country now, and Big Ten Country is haunted by horrible demons... in Lincoln, where, ugh... but also the Hawkeyes will make you sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight

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By Keelin Billue

It was a somewhat slow week, as big schools faced and mostly defeated, small schools. As the  Florida-Tennessee apocalypse approaches in Week 4, “Not A Football Podcast” prepares you with some bits of tinder for your football fire. 

Wrapping up Week 3, it’s Brittany Huber, Grace McDermott, and Jesse Spector, going coast to coast to bring you the most, including…

  • Frost Bitten: Nebraska lost their first Post-Frost Era game. Where is Scott Frost? No one knows. Is he wandering the streets of New York? No one really knows. However, the streets in Lincoln are not safe, as rumors and speculation that Urban Meyer could become Nebraska’s head coach picked up steam when Meyer joined the Big Ten booth during the Nebraska-Oklahoma game. Jesse, Britt, and Grace discuss why maybe Meyer as King of Lincoln might not be THAT crazy depending on how badly Nebraska wants to win.

  • Is Ole Miss Good?: Speaking of football coaches with questionable morals, Lane Kiffin has Ole Miss cooking. It may be for real as the Rebels (ew!) go 3-0 to start. Will their dominance remain when they face another SEC team?

  • Okay, but Is Michigan ACTUALLY Good?: Michigan is ranked No. 4, but they have only played Hawaii, Colorado State, and Marriott Bonvoy partner Connecticut. How might they hold up next week against Maryland? 

  • Boycotting Iowa Football: Jesse is tired of Iowa football being forced upon him, and he’s not going to take it anymore! Listen to hear what it is like to live an Iowa Football-free weekend. Your life could improve immediately.

  • Grace Goes to Cal (Don’t Bring Up Notre Dame!): Grace saw a Cal game in person and has questions. Who is QB Jack Plummer throwing to? No one is sure, but he sustained six sacks vs. Notre Dame.

  • Ivy League Ballers: Hey, Ivy League Nerds! First, what’s it like to be smart1 and possibly  rich? Second, Britt thinks it is cute you want to be good at football. And sometimes you are good! It is making us sick.

  • App State Swarm: App State defeated Troy. Chaos ensued when they swarmed the field.

  • Drunk Off Vibes: What does it take to tear down a goal post? What would make you hug your enemies? The gang discusses what level of alcohol it takes to get the super human strength to go Hulk on large items and open your heart.

  • NFL Aside: So, we tried to talk about college football, but we slipped over into NFL territory for a little bit. The Bills Mafia is gaining strength. Cleveland Browns reap what they sow in in a one-point loss to the Jets. 

Tune in next week for Week 4 of the play-by-play of fights in the stands at Florida vs. Tennessee and if Urban Meyer is still prowling2 Lincoln, Nebraska, for anything and everything.


I went to one. The “smart” is overrated, as detailed in the story in the podcast. —J