Aug 19 • 42M

Willets Pod 14: Cool Finance Bro Stuff

Addy Baird and Jesse Spector welcome Keelin Billue and Britt Huber to the family, and wind up not talking about butts, because they planned to talk about butts, and that's not how this works

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Don’t worry. We still talked about butts. And we’re thrilled to welcome Keelin and Britt, who are going to be part of our football team in football season, talking about football, and football accessories. And butts.

And not just the t-shirts that we’re now selling.

There’s some “site news” kind of talk pretty early on in the episode, so check that out. But if you’re not a podcast thing, you’ve maybe noticed some changes around our website. It’s all good. We’re not planning to go anywhere, and playing around with stuff is kind of the essence of the whole deal here. So, let us know what you like and keep what you don’t like to yourself. Thanks! <3